Decorative Landscape Rock in Johnson City, TN


Looking for a long-lasting alternative to mulch?

Decorative landscape rock is a popular material for driveways, walkways and landscape beds. It is effective for weed control and requires only periodic washing and an occasional touch-up to maintain its natural beauty. A variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes means you are sure to find one that's right for you.

Looking for a versatile, natural material to give your landscape a dramatic touch of color and texture? Come see our selection of decorative landscape rock.


River Slicks:

Made up of individual stones in dramatically different color and sizes, river slicks can be solid colored, striped or striated and have a softly rounded shape and smooth texture. At Down To Earth Materials Yard, we stock the following sizes:
1/2'' - 3/4'' River Slicks
3/4'' to 1 1/2'' River Slicks
2''-5'' River Slicks
6''-14'' River Slicks
18''-36'' River Slicks

White Quartz:

This beautiful quartzite gravel is smooth and rounded with white, tan, pink and peach hues that make any landscape design a showcase.
2'' White Quartz
7/8'' White Quartz

Nolichucky River Rock:

This crushed stone with its muted shades of tan, brown, red and purple, and its rougher shape and texture is a lighter weight, less expensive alternative that packs just as much punch.
1/2'' Nolichucky
2'' Nolichucky

Cripple Creek Rock:

1 1/2''- 3 1/2'' Cripple Creek Rock

How much does it cover...?

Approximate coverage, in square feet, for different sizes of river rock is listed below:
1/2" - 3/4"
3/4" - 1 1/2"
1 1/2" - 3"
2" - 5"
6" - 14"
110 - 120 sq ft
100 sq ft
80 sq ft
60 sq ft
20 sq ft