Compost and Growers Mix in Johnson, TN


Make Your Garden Even Better

Need a good soil conditioner that adds vital nutrients to your flower bed, garden or lawn? Try Down To Earth's Grower's Mix - a unique blend of mushroom compost and other organic ingredients - for a natural fertilizer that will have your garden standing tall!

Apply Grower's Mix in a thin layer after planting, till into the soil before planting or let us blend Grower's Mix with our own topsoil for the perfect gardening mix!

We guarantee you will see the difference in your flowers, plants and vegetables!

Try Our Exclusive Grower's Mix/Topsoil Blend!

Ideal for raised bed gardens and landscape beds:

Let us blend our quality topsoil with our nutrient rich Grower's Mix for the perfect soil for your garden, flower beds or lawn.

Helpful Tip For Purchasing Growers Mix

Want to know how much Grower's Mix your garden or lawn needs? Try this trick!

Multiply the square footage of the area x the desired depth of Grower's Mix (in inches) x .0031
Example: If you have 4 raised beds that are each 4' x 14' and you want to add 6" of Grower's Mix to them, you would:

Multiply 4 x 14 = 56 sq ft/bed
Next 56 x 6 = 336
Then 336 x .0031 = 1.04 cu yd per bed
Or 1.04 yds x 4 beds = 4.16 cu yd to fill all beds