Stone Material in Johnson City, TN


Inspired by Mother Nature

Bring natural beauty and rugged durability to your hardscape or outdoor living space with stone supplied by Down To Earth Materials Yard. Whether you are planning a pathway, walkway, patio, fireplace, water feature or outdoor living space, your landscape design deserves quality material at an affordable price.


Tennessee Fieldstone:

This flexible, functional material brings a unique weathered beauty to retaining walls, patios, fireplaces, landscape edgings and gardens.
TN Fieldstone Thin Stack
TN Fieldstone Steppers
TN Fieldstone Thick Stack
TN Fieldstone Medium Veneer
TN Fieldstone Ashler Cut
TN Fieldstone Boulders

Crab Orchard Sandstone:

With its exclusive tan, brown, blue-gray and pink colors and its natural yellow and brown swirls, Crab Orchard stone is a one-of-a-kind sandstone that is extremely hard and weather resistant. Found only on the Cumberland Plateau, this beautiful stone comes in flagstone slabs and cut or sawed pieces.
  • Heavy Flagstone
  • Crab Orchard Squares
  • Crab Orchard Strip Ruble
  • Medium Flagstone
  • Crab Orchard Veneer
  • Crab Orchard Sills
Crab Orchard Strip Ruble
Crab Orchard Thick Flagstone
Crab Orchard Medium Flagstone
Crab Orchard Squares

Please Note:

The thickness of flagstone is an important factor in determining how many square feet a ton will cover. At Down To Earth we carry:
  • "Landscape" Flagstone which is 3/4" - 1 1/2" thick. It covers approximately 100 - 120 sq ft/ton
  • "Medium" Flagstone which is 11/2" - 2 1/4" thick. It covers approximately 70 - 90 sq ft/ton
  • "Heavy" Flagstone which is 2" - 2 3/4" thick. It covers approximately 60 - 75 sq ft/ton